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in the poke center there are trainers that appear my question are they radom or they have each an specific day with they appeard if so what are the day and with trainer appeard


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There are only 6 different trainers that you can battle and they stick to there allocated Pokecentre.

Reporter & Camera Man Separate

Monday: Jubilife City
Tuesday: Hearthome City
Wednesday: Jubilife City
Thursday: Jubilife City
Friday: Hearthome City
Saturday: Battle Area
Sunday: Battle Area

Reporter & Camera Man Double

Monday: Eterna City
Tuesday: Eterna City
Wednesday: Veilstone City
Thursday: None Known
Friday: Veilstone City
Saturday: Eterna City
Sunday: Eterna City


Monday: Pastoria City
Tuesday: Oreburgh City
Wednesday: None Known
Thursday: Oreburgh City
Friday: Pastoria City
Saturday: Snowpoint City
Sunday: Snowpoint City


Monday: Canalave City
Tuesday: Canalave City
Wednesday: Pastoria City
Thursday: Sunyshore City
Friday: Sunyshore City
Saturday: Pastoria City
Sunday: Pastoria City


Monday: Floaroma Town
Tuesday: Solaceon Town
Wednesday: Resort Area
Thursday: Floaroma Town
Friday: Solaceon Town
Saturday: Resort Area
Sunday: Resort Area


Monday: Celestic Town
Tuesday: Pastoria City
Wednesday: Celestic Town
Thursday: Pastoria City
Friday: Celestic Town
Saturday: Hearthome City
Sunday: Hearthome CityClown

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