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How and why did my Zubat go from the guy that can barely beat wild level 7-9 Pokemon to someone who 1-shot kos Pokemon(I evolved it into Golbat at level 22)?

Because its level went up, and damage is proportional to level?
Also bcoz it evo'd into Golbat, which has superior stats than compared to Zubat.
Also, it may have had learned some good moves :/
Is this a serious question? :/
This is super easy to even guess. IT EVOLVED!
Compare these two. Zubat -> https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/zubat
                                   Golbat-> https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/golbat

You see why it is stronger now?
Dude can you stop asking questions about your Zubat :/

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First thing would be, it leveled up.

Because it's level went up, and damage is proportional to level?
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Yea that. When a Pokémon increases it's level, said Pokémon's damage output also increases.

Now, when it's level 24, which is the double of level 12, + it evolved, I guess it's evident that the damage output would be increasing.
A Zubat has base 45 Attack and 30 Special Attack, whereas a Golbat has Base 80 Attack and 65 Special Attack. The base stats itself show that the same attack used by a Golbat would have much more damage output than a Zubat using the same attack!

So now we come to the conclusion that, the increase of levels, plus the evolution, has aided the Zubat in becoming a ZuBat Man.

Hope it helped!

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I think EVs may have also come into the equation
Ye, but I don't expect a Lvl. 20ish Pokémon to be trained xd
But yea, they do come in place when we calculate the damage.