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Does fleeing have to do with speed becuase my steelix ran from a slightly lower level golbat and couldn't escape but my lower level jolteon could.

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It's based off of this formula:


-A is the current Speed of the player's active Pokémon,

-B is the opposing Pokémon's Speed divided by 4, (mod 256)

-C is the number of times the player has tried to escape during the battle (counting the current attempt)

a number is randomly generated, if F is greater, then you can escape, if not, it will fail.

Several other conditions can cause escape to always succeed or always fail:

* An opponent Pokémon with the ability Shadow Tag causes the player's escape attempts to fail if the player's Pokémon does not also have Shadow Tag.
* An opponent Pokémon with the ability Arena Trap causes the player's escape attempts to fail if the player's Pokémon is not Flying-type or levitating.
* The reusable held item Smoke Ball causes its holder's escape attempts from wild Pokémon to succeed.
* The Pokémon dolls can be used to escape from wild Pokémon.
* Trapping moves used by the opponent can prevent the player from even making escape attempts.
* If the player's Pokémon is under the effect of Ingrain, it will be unable to escape.
* The ability Run Away causes escape attempts to succeed and ignores anything above that would prevent escape.
* In Generation II, it is impossible to escape when battling a shiny Pokémon.
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I found this
but, I think it's different with DT and DT's explanation is PERFECT!
I checked this wobbufet. It is saying the same thing as mine, just using different variables. As long as you are consistent with them, it doesn't matter what letter you use for a variable.