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Basically my question is: what unmodified speed stat is used in the formula after your Pokemon has been KO'd (It brings up 2 options: running and using another Pokemon)? Is it the speed of Pokemon that was KO'd or is it... something else?

Sorry if this is unanswerable, I'm curious.

Probably the Pokémon that was KO'd, which other Pokémon could it be.....or maybe the next Pokémon in line?
I'm sorry I can't find anything! I'll keep looking though.
The pokemon that was KO'd.
Actually I've tried that before, when I was KO'd as Weavile (while EV training it, wasn't paying attention >.>) I always managed to get away. However whenever my fainted pokemon was slow/paralyzed I was forced to press on.

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It's the Pokémon that just fainted's speed. I just ran a test in X using 1 slower, lower level Pokemon, and one much faster Pokemon, and it was much easier to escape with the faster one one.

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