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Most Froslass's have 160 to 180 for speed and Most Togekiss's have 90 to 105 for speed this is not right and it probably happened because it's a glitch or hack.

More information please? Unless you give us the exact situation, it's impossible to give you a definite answer. What were their levels? What moves did they use? Were they EV trained? Do you know their items?
I was doing a rating battle for singles so Froslass was at level 50 My Froslass's speed is 165.
Were there any moves used to increase Speed? Priority moves? You might need to give some sort of battle dialogue.
Yeh. Togekiss' s max speed is 284 seeing as yours was 165 It is possible

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If this was a rating battle, then all Pokemon are set to level 50, which means that Togekiss' Max Speed is 145.
Even though your Froslass' Speed is not as good as it could be, it is still enough to outspeed Togekiss.
There are still many ways for Togekiss to out speed your Froslass though, there was probably something you missed during battle.

Here are some possibilities:

  • Togekiss was holding a Choice Scarf, which boosts Speed, and locks the user in to a move.
  • Togekiss had a Speed boost or Froslass had a Speed decrease
  • Sticky Web was on the field
  • Your Froslass was holding a Lagging Tail
  • Togekiss was holding a Quick Claw
  • Togekiss used a priority move
  • Froslass was paralyzed
  • Your Froslass doesn't actually have 165 Speed

Out of all of these, I find it most likely that Togekiss was holding a Choice Scarf, as it can be missed easily if you aren't looking for it. Something that hints a Pokemon is choiced is if they continuously use the same move for the duration of their time on the field, switching allows them to change moves though.

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Togekiss Max Speed : 284 (252 EVs and 31 IVs) Positive Nature

Frolass Minumum Speed : 202 (0 IVS and 0EVS ) Hindering Nature

Therefore it is Possible for Togekiss to outspeed Frollas but only if it was badly bred/EV spread or the player did not want a fast frolass (?)