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On the Battle Spot (in the actual game) a Cloyster outsped my Greninja (Modest) and Alakazam (Timid). Does this have to do with an item or something to do with them being set to level 50?
How did it happen?

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Did it use shell smash?choice scarf? He set up webs?quick claw?

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The following things could have caused this.

  • Sticky Web was up
  • Tailwind was active
  • The Cloyster used Shell Smash
  • The Cloyster was holding a Quick Claw
  • It's scarfed
  • Trick Room was active
  • Your Pokemon have no EVs (LOL)
  • Your Pokemon are holding an Iron ball / Lagging Tail (LOL)

Those are the most plausible causes.

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You forgot Lagging Tail. Scrub.
Shush Scrub ;~;
Sticky Web-no
Shell Smash-no
Quick claw-no
Scarf-Most likely
EVs-All my Pokemon have EVs
Iron Ball-I don't own one
Lagging Tail-^
Ice Shard-no
Maybe they used Trick with a Iron Ball or a Lagging Tail.
Also very common that a Cloyster have Shell Smash.
Maybe Sticky Web? 0.67x Speed.
Choice Scarf 252 Speed EVs can outspeed.
So ye
Scarf is the answer then .3.
Ice Shard maybe…?
^ Ice Shard is also pretty likely.