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Serperior was not holding a choice scarf but Rampardos was but how can Serperior outspeed Rampardos when Rampardos is holding a Choice Scarf and Serperior is not holding a choice scarf but I think leftovers. Is this a glitch?


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Choice Scarfed Rampardos Max Speed :

*2361.5= 354**

Max Serperior Speed :


The Serperior either didn't have Maxed Speed or the Ramparados had a Speed Boost like Rock Polish. Trick Room might've been in effect but I highly doubt that

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So do I XD
I hope one of us is right.. XD
And by the way are my calculations wrong?
I use Showdown to get my stats but our numbers are different.
Choice Scarf is Rampy's Max Speed x 1.5
Yeah I did that.. Maybe the number I just got was wrong
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Max Speed Rampardos holding Choice Scarf = 322 speed

Max Speed Serperior = 325 speed


Rampardos with no Speed investments holding Choice Scarf = 228 speed

Serperior with no Speed investments = 262 speed

Serperior is fast. Rampardos is not. Probably the only way Rampardos could have outsped was if your Serperior had no speed investments and the opponents Rampardos had max speed and a Choice Scarf.
Word of advice- Never ever give Rampardos a Choice Scarf. Its speed is one of the worst imo. If this person you were battling was a friend tell them to try a Choice Band or Life Orb.

Hope I helped with this :)

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CS Rampy can outspeed a lot of its threats...
But Choice Scarfs are for fast things so that they can outspeed other fast threats.
Surely you'd be better off investing in Rampardos' mammoth attack stat and giving it a Choice Band.