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If it's possible, I want to also know how much extra attack power (special and/or physical) while holding items such as a choice band, life orb, choice spec, etc.


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For the items with "Choice" in it's name, it increases its respective stat by 50%, however it can only use the first move it executes for the remaining of the battle, but resets when it's switched out and back in. Choice Band raises Atk by 50%; Choice Specs raises SpAtk by 50%; and Choice Scarf raises Spd by 50%. For Life Orb, it boosts the power of every move by approximately 30% (5324/4096 to be exact), but will have a recoil of 10% max HP per use of a damaging move.

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Do these items boost their base stats or their actual stats?
The item boost happens after levels, IVs, EVs, and natures are accounted for.