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So on Battle Spot I was battling someone and their Carracosta had a Weakness Policy and like a fool not predicting that strategy I used Close Combat.
I sent my Noivern in and the Carracosta was faster! Now I know it used Shell Smash but is this even possible?
My Noivern was Modest by the way.

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252 Spe EVs on Noivern?

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Carracosta's Range of Speed at Level 100 after using Shell Smash: 124-358
Your Noivern's Range of Speed at Level 100: 251-345

Carracosta can still outspeed you after a Shell Smash if it is trained & IV Bred in Speed.

Stat Formula
Noivern PokeDex page
Carracosta PokeDex page

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Noivern's max speed Modest = 345
Carracosta's max speed (Ability ups speed) = 179 x 2 = 358
Carracosta's max speed (Adamant) = 163 x 2 = 326

Carracosta outspeeds your Noivern if Carracosta has 252 Speed and a Jolly Nature but it won't if it's Adamant.

Also Sticky Web has in? It drops speed by 0.67x.
Priority Moves?
Lagging Tail or Iron Ball holded by Noivern?
Carracosta with Quick Claw?

Battle Spots rules don't influences stats boosts or drops.

The only option has Carracosta had Jolly Nature or with the items above.

Hope this helps to your question.

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Makes sense the Carracosta had a Jolly  Nature because it couldn't take out Lucario with  an Aqua Jet.
Tanks! :D