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One day, I was playing Pokemon X (not ORAS) and the trainer I battled in the battle spot had a MEGA LATIAS!!! According to what I looked up, Mega Latias (as relating to the Latiasite) is only available in ORAS! Someone tell me what's going on! (don't say anything about a mistake!)

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iirc Mega [email protected] is in the coding for XY, but weren't introduced until ORAS. I may be wrong though.

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Mega Latios and Latias were in the coding for X and Y, which is why you were able to battle one. They are only obtainable by hacking the game to get the Mega Stones in XY.

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he most likely traded with someone in alpha sapphire and got it. I used to have a latias with a latiasite obtained by trade.