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On Pokemon Black 2, during a Random Matchup, I was battling this person with a Latias. He/she was using Screech and Fake Tears on their Latias, and usually those attacks lower stats. But for some reason, the Latias stats were raised instead. The Latias also used Draco Meteor, and after instead of lowering it's stats, it raised them. I know that Latias only can have one ability, which is Leviltate, even from the Dream World. Was it a hacked Latias or something?


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The only explanation (reasonable) for this would be that the other person was using a hacked Latias with the ability Contrary, which does the opposite of stat boosting/stat lowering moves, which explains why the stats were raised.

Now, if you were in a double battle and the other person had a Spinda, it may have used Skill Swap and thus explaining the stat boosts instead of drops. (only logical assumption without hacking)

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Yeah that person had a Spinda. Thanks ^^