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Like Icy Wind and Rock Tomb

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Is this just physical and special moves, or is it status moves as well?
Just physical and special

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Foe lowering:
Icy Wind(speed)
Rock Tomb(speed)
Low Sweep(speed)
Mud Shot(speed)
Mud Slap(accuracy)
Acid Spray(Sp.Def)
Mystical Fire(Sp.Atk)
Struggle Bug(Sp.Atk)

Self lowering:
V-create(defense, sp.def, speed)
Psycho Boost(sp.atk)
Leaf Storm(sp.atk)
Draco Meteor(sp.atk)
Superpower(attack, defense)
Close Combat(defense, sp.def)
Hammer Arm(speed)
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Curse -lower speed
Shell smash-lower defense and sp. Def
Superpower-lower attack and defense
Aurora beam-lower attack
Baby-doll eyes-lower attack
Charm-lower attack
Featherdance-lower attack
Growl-lower attack
King's shield-lower attack hit by direct contact
Memento-lower attack and sp. Atk
Noble roar-lower attack and sp. Atk
Parting shot-lower attack and sp. Atk
Play nice-lower attack
Tickle-lower attack and defense
Venom Drench-lower attack sp. Atk and speed if poisoned
Close combat-lower defense and sp. Def
V-create-lower defense Sp. Def and speed
Leer-lower defense
Tail whip-lower defense
Bulldoze-lower speed
Cotton spore-lower speed
Electroweb-lower speed
Glaciate-lower speed
Icy wind-lower speed
Mud shot-lower speed
Rock tomb-lower speed
Scary face-lower speed
Sticky web-lower speed when sent in
Draco meteor-lower sp. Atk
Leaf storm-lower sp. Atk
Overheat-lower sp. Atk
Psycho boost-lower sp. Atk
Captivate-lower sp. Atk if opposite gender
Confide-lower sp. Atk
Eerie impulse-lower sp. Atk
Mystic fire-lower sp. Atk
Snarl-lower sp. Atk
Struggle bug-lower sp. Atk
Acid spray-lower sp. Def
Fake tears-lower sp. Def
Metal sound-lower sp. Def
Seed flare-lower sp. Def
Flash-lower accuracy
Kinesis-lower accuracy
Mud-slap-lower accuracy
Ocatzooka-lower accuracy
Sand attack-lower accuracy
Smokescreen-lower accuracy
Defog-lower Evasion
Sweet scent-lower evasion

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For a second I thought that I had missed a lot lol
Nope i went try hard and didn't see he only wanted physical and special