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Let's say for instance, my Wailord used Mist. Then, my Rotom-Heat used Overheat. Would the Special Attack drop be negated by the Mist?

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Rotom-H will get its special attack lowered.


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Wait that that's confusing db is wrong lol
The second time rotom used overheat its stats were still lowered even with mist up
I'm really confused. All the sources I've read so far said that allies can't lower it, but maybe the user still can?
Yeah, probably. Anyway, no problem!
I thought that mist cleared all stat changes. Then again I could be wrong :D
@Espeon_Umbreon, I believe you're thinking of Haze, which does in fact clear stat changes. However, Mist prevents a team's stats from being lowered for a few turns. :)