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I want a Pokemon with a lots of stat changing moves so I can use them to stat boost the Pokemon then use Baton Pass to give to another good or legendary Pokemon


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The obvious answer is Smeargle. Smeagle can sketch any move (bar a few), and therefore it can learn all of the stat boosting moves and baton pass. In addition it can put your opponent to sleep with spore, so you can get the boosts. Also, smeargle has the hidden ability moody, so one of its stats sharply raise every turn, with one stat decreasing by one stage.

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Thanks,I didn't even know that there can be a pokemon that can learn all moves,And the spore advice really helped me,Thanks for the replay!
Well actually, smeargle can't sketch chatter, and dark void is programmed to fail when used by smeargle.
I just need stat boosting moves,not dark void or chatter