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I'm wondering what all of the boosting moves were in Pokemon RBY. Does someone have a list or know where I can find a list of these moves?


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Acid Armor(boosts your defense by 2), Agility(boosts your speed by 2), Amnesia(boosts your special by 2), Barrier(boosts your defense by 2), Defense Curl(boosts your defense by 1), Double Team(raises your evasion by 1), Growth(boosts your special by 1), Harden(boosts your defense by 1), Withdraw(boosts your defense by 1), Meditate(boosts your attack by 1), Minimize(boosts your evasion by 1), Sharpen(boosts your attack by 1), and Swords Dance(boosts your attack by 2) are all the boosting moves in Gen 1.
Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Status_move
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/ms1 boosts hp:
No moves found.

/ms1 boosts atk:
Meditate, Sharpen, Swords Dance

/ms1 boosts def:
Acid Armor, Barrier, Defense Curl, Harden, Withdraw

/ms1 boosts spa:
Amnesia, Growth

/ms1 boosts spe:

/ms1 boosts evasion:
Double Team, Minimize

/ms1 boosts accuracy:
No moves found.

"/ms" means move search, with 1 making it gen 1. Followed by the required parameter for the stat shows the list.

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