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I was battling a passer-by when I was down to my last Pokemon, Greninja.I am sure that it was not choice scarf because at the start of battle, I led with Gengar and it outspeed the Krookodile and landed the Hypnosis before I used Substitute.
The base speed of a Gengar is 110, Greninja speed is 122 and Krookodile is 92.Why is that so?

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There's multiple possibilities on how this happened.
-The Krookodile didn't try to use Substitute and was actually Scarfed. Is your Gengar scarfed?
-Your Opponent laid down Sticky Web, slowing your Greninja down or somehow lowered it's speed. You may have missed it.
-The Krookodile had extra speed Baton Passed onto it or used some sort of buff move.
-Your Greninja had an Iron Ball or Lagging Tail tricked onto it.
-Greninja was Paralyzed, lowering it's speed.
-Glitches and hacks are a thing.

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His team wasn't baton pass, nor my Greninja got sticky webbed or paralyzed. My Gengar had black sludge and used Hypnosis, then used Substitute on the next turn. My Gengar and Greninja had 252 EVs in speed and are timid.
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Well base stats don't decide everything. Your Gengar could've been faster than your Greninja if it had higher IVs, EVs and a speed boosting nature. If so, then your Gengar out sped it, and your Greninja was just very slow, or Krookodile was Choice Scarfed, or your Greninjas speed got lowered. I think it's most likely its speed got lowered.

I hope I answered your question!

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