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When he/she picked Brave Bird and Lucario picked Quick Attack It had Talonflame going first instead of Lucario. It looked like a glitch to me.


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It's because the Talonflame had the ability gale wings in which makes flying type moves have +1 priority, and the Talonflame probably had a higher speed so brave bird went first. Hope I helped!
Source: I have a gale wings Talonflame

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Gale Wings isnt just a +1 priority, it makes your Flying mves always go first
That is incorrect Terlor, Gale Wings simply gives flying moves a +1 Priority, things like Protect and Extremespeed can still go before it.
how come Quick Attack didnt go first? look at Quick Attacks entry.
Quick Attack and Gale Wings Brave Bird both receive a +1 priority. The speed stat of the two pokemon would then come into effect and since Talonflame outspeeds Lucario Brave Bird would go first.
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much appreciated.
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does your Talonflame have Gale Wings? if so it gets a +1 priority on Flying moves (Brave Bird) and so it would outspeed almost anything


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