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Cuz I was battling someone, and since I know aerodactyl is SUPER FAST, I thought I would out speed, but no, he goes for the ice beam and kills me. Can this happen?

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Yeah if Timid Greninja got 252Spe EVs and Mega Aero got Brave and no Soeed EVs

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Not at all.

Well, it depends on the EVs of the Aerodactyl.
If your Greninja is maxed out in speed EVs and is Timid, its speed is 377 while a maxed out Aerodactyl's speed with a speed+ nature is a whopping 438.

The only way Greninja can outspeed it is if Aero has only 24 EVs in speed with a speed+ nature, or if it has 160 EVs in speed with a neutral or speed- nature.

Source: Checking numbers on PS
Hope I helped.

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Thanks for the advice and help. :)
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Timid MAX IV EV Timid Greninja = 377 Speed
Mega Aerodactyl = 335-438 Speed Beneficial Nature (+Speed)

                                        **274-438 are all speed stats Mega Aerodactyl can get.**

Depending on Mega Aerodactyl Nature and EV training.

Of course that with 377 Speed Greninja, Mega Aerodactyl with a great nature would have +400 speed.

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