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I had went to the Pokeedit and checked it out and it made me puke rainbows finding out I could get Pokemon that easy and it technically not hacking. I tried to do it but as I went through the steps my friend code matched the one on my pal pad but it would not give me the Pokemon nor say that my friend code is at the IP (i did the DNS and everything) I checked the help from there but that didnt help at all. Can someone please help me out here?

you mean PokEdit

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A few things you need to check is:
- Create a new File and name it something.
- Make a Trainer account
- Enter your FC in again

Ok the one I think is most likely is the create a new file for your Game.
Hope this Helps ^^

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A new file for your game? What are you on about Scizor? Recheck your sources :P
I have gotten so far that erasing my game is not an option (if i didn't have froslass or charizard and all the unova and all types of other starters it would be a different story)
Im going to see if pokemon black does the same thing.
No Flare i don't have to check my sources. On Pokedit you make a file for your game. " :P "
I didn't have to at all.
What idgi?
Idkw idgi is :D