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this only applies to Gen I games

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No. Substitute fails if there is a insufficient amount of HP remaining. This is to prevent such scenario from rising in the first place. Sort of a fail safe type thing, in case it was used by accident or when it could be use but can be no longer,such as a attack due to a faster opponent.

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it wouldnt let the Pokemon use substitute

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Gen I The Pokemon would faint if it uses Substitute with hp 25% or less

Gen II III IV and V the Pokemon would be unable to use substitute


If the user of Substitute has 25% or less of its max HP (rounded down), or it only has a maximum of 1 HP, such as Shedinja, it will be unable to make a substitute.

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Probaly not. The people who made Pokemon proboly woudn't make you self destruct your Pokemon. ( Unless you use Explosion Self destruct ect.)

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