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Uh, I lost mine and it really sucks.

How did you lose it?
the move Fling
Oh man that sucks
Why did they invent it? Its annoying unless you use it with a Iron Barb.

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One is in Castelia City
The second is in Icirrus City.

Hope this helps.

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Let me know if you want me to edit in details of how to get them.
No im good
actuuly yes
The Icirrus city Exp. Share is given to you as a gift by the guy in the Pokemon Fan Club house. The FanClub is directly below the Gym so you shouldn't have too many problems finding it.
The Castelia city Exp. Share is in One of the Large buildings on Main Street (Main Street is the one with all the other streets leading off of it.) Just read all the signs for the buildings until you get to one that says "Battle Company" The manager of the company on the top floor will give you an Exp. Share as a gift if you defeat him in battle. Hope you find a second one and curses to Fling!