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So I, like many others I'm sure, spent a lot of time leveling up lower level Pokemon by putting my strongest Pokemon (level 100 Delphox) in the lead and then fighting the strongest enemies I can find using the exp. share. This levels up the the lower level Pokemon much faster than fighting enemies on the same level as them. I'm trying to determine if I'm losing experience points by using a level 100 Pokemon.

The exp. share description states "half the experience gained from battle will be shared with the remaining Pokemon in your party." So lead Pokemon gets 50% and all others get 10% (50%/5).

So 3 part question.

  1. If I have a level 100 Pokemon in the lead will all 100% experience go to the remaining party or is 50% of the experience from the battle wasted?
  2. If I have a level 100 Pokemon in my party (not in the lead) will his 10% experience points be wasted or divide among those that can actually gain experience?
  3. If I have only 2 Pokemon aside from my lead. Will each get 25% experience instead of 10%.

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Unlike past generations, the level 100 Pokemon won't steal the exp, and the exp is not split between each Pokemon evenly, but given to them all.

If a Pokemon partakes in the battle, it gets 100% of the experiences
If a Pokemon doesn't partake in the battle, it gets 50%


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