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So I'm using gpsphone and I used an unlimited rare candy cheat and I caught all of my Pokemon, no trades, and even the blaziken I started out with only obeys me occasionally. I only have 3 gym badges so I'm thinking that's the reason why but I need help fast because it's really pissing me off. They're all level 50


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This is unexplained. Only traded Pokemon undergo obedience problems. The fact that your starter is giving you problems is interesting. The only explaination is that your cheat is glitching up your code.

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Pokemon obey you by what badges you have.

For a guide on which badges get you obidence from which levels, click: here

It doesn't matter if the Pokemon is traded or caught in game, if it's above a certain level and you don't have the correct badge, it won't obey you. You specifically need the Heat Badge in any Hoenn League for Level 50 Pokemon; you cannot substitute that badge for another for your Pokemon to obey you.

If you do have the correct badge, then your game is glitched due to your cheat.

Are you sure? I thought obedience problems ONLY applied to traded pokemon. Even in the older generation games.
I've had obedience problems in older generation games before from non-traded Pokemon. Maybe it was just my game that glitched then. o_O
You're probably right. I'm a little confused now. Did it change as the generations went on, or was it always like that? It's never happened to me. Perhaps I was just lucky :/
No, marzipan is right. Except maybe the first enervation, if your Pokemon exceed level 15 or 20 before you get any gym badges, then they will stop obeying you.
this is wrong
The reason they impliment the obedience system is to prevent players from breaking the game by trading in high-level Pokemon or leveling up their pokemon too much; this prevents them from OHKO'ing everything in every battle they encounter.