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Lum Berry - Clears status from the user, only works once.

Salac Berry - Raises the user's speed by one stage when the user drops below 25% HP. popular on Sturdy users and Substitute users.

Petaya Berry - Raises the user's SAtk by one stage when the user drops below 25% HP, not seen very often but still useful on Substitute abusers and Sturdy users.

Liechi Berry - Raises the user's Atk by one stage when the user dops below 25% HP, not very common, but still useful on Sturdy users and Substitute abusers.

Oran Berry - Rather common in LC, it will usually heal quite a bit of HP, seeing as LC Pokemon have very small amounts of HP.

Persim Berry - Heals confuiosn, seen rarely on Outrage abusers, Lum Berry is more common.

Also, the berries that weaken Super Effective attacks of certain types can b useful on certain Pokemon under the correct cirumstances, such as Chople Berry Tyranitar, which ca neasily survive a non-STAB Focus Blast and retaliate with a powerful attack.

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The answer above already gave the main berries used in competitive play, but I just wanted to point out a few others.

Custap Berry
Causes holder to go first once when HP falls below 25%
- usually seen on Forretress; since it has Sturdy it will always be able to use its Berry, and set up one more hazard before getting KO'd

Yache Berry
Weakens foe's super effective Ice-type move
- sometimes (but rarely) seen on Garchomp/ Salamence. Yache Berry allows them to take one Ice hit and set up at least one Swords Dance/ Dragon Dance to outspeed its foe and then sweep.

Sitrus Berry
Restores 25% HP
- seen mainly on Pokemon with Harvest, like Exeggutor. The Harvest ability will be 100% under sun, so Exeggutor will be able to restore its Sitrus Berry every time. Sitrus Berry + Harvest makes an annoying stall set with Leech Seed and Substitute.
- also seen on Belly Drum Extremespeed Linoone. Extremespeed was an event move for Linoone, and this method was used mainly in Gen III and is now mostly outdated. Linoone has the Gluttony ability, which will make it consume a held berry at 50% health rather than at 25% health, so Sitrus Berry will be consumed the moment after it uses Belly Drum, and then it can sweep with Extremespeed/ Shadow Claw.

These are used for training, not as held Berries in competitive play:

>Pomeg Berry: Lowers HP EVs, raises friendship
Kelpsy Berry: Lowers Attack EVs, raises friendship
Qualot Berry: Lowers Defense EVs, raises friendship
Hondew Berry: Lowers Special Attack EVs, raises friendship
Grepa Berry: Lowers Special Defense EVs, raises friendship
Tamato Berry: Lowers Speed EVs, raises friendship

These will reset your Pokemon's EVs and allow you to retrain.

Source: berries berries berries

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