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I really want to get berries so I don't have to buy some Paralyze heal, Antidote, etc.

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Why would you want too. The heals are just better in pretty much every way. Get yourself some full heals or the like
In terms of healing items for general use, I'd recommend Full Heals, Full Restores, and the like. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as Berry Pots or Apricorn trees in generation 5, so you'd probably have to look around the market in Driftveil City for berries. Casteliacones from Castelia City can be useful too.

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This answer includes only berries that have an effect in battle. I can include other berries if you want.

Castelia City: Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear, Yache
Nacrene City: Cheri, Chesto
Pinwheel Forest (Pokemon Rangers): Chesto, Pecha
White Forest (mayor): Chesto, Pecha, Leppa, Lum
Lacunosa Town (executive): Pecha, Leppa, Lum
Route 7: Aspear, Lum
Route 3 (Breeders): Oran, Lum
Battle Subway: Lansat, Starf
Route 6 (Pokemon Rangers): Cheri
Route 8 (Pokemon Rangers): Pecha
Desert Resort (Pokemon Rangers): Rawst
Route 11 (Pokemon Rangers): Leppa
Striaton City (Cheren): Oran
Route 1 (Pokemon Rangers): Persim
Villager Bridge (restaurant): Lum
Route 12 (Breeders), Route 15 and Moor of Icirrus (Pokemon Rangers), Driftveil City: Sitrus

Additionally, many wild Pokemon can hold berries. Here's the full list.
sources: the Bulbapedia page for each location and each berry (there were a lot of them)

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You're welcome I guess.