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Okay so there are some Pokemon that are close to being legendary due to they're high stats (Attack ect). Here is an example:
Garchomp has an amazing speed, bulk and attack stat. I once had a Garchomp with an attack stat that was about 304!

See? so how many are there (that are close legends) and why?



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They are Called Pseudo Legendaries This will help you

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I'm having all of these pokemon on my team now! Thankyou! xD
i dont think that is a very good team because many of them is weak to ice
No problem.Glad I helped you ;)
meh. i'll add a freaking arcanine xxx
arcanine should be Psedo legendary because of its pokedex entry of the 'Legendary pokemon'
Arcanine doesn't have the characteristics of a pseudo legendary.
i know but its abit of a coincidence xD