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If so what are they and what do they do?


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There is a tree glitch in Giant Chasm where you can walk through some trees. It's up in the top left.

giant chasm bug

There are some more listed on Bulbapedia here including a surfable tree, grass tile on which you cannot encounter Pokemon, mail glitch that makes ability text disappear, duplicate N, and a PWT glitch.

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That isn't a Glitch. They are called Hitten Grottos.
LOL This is just soo wrong
Actually, no it's not a hidden grotto. I added a picture to the answer to illustrate.
yeah,i was switching the summary 2 cobalion,then at the last moment emboar's ability description wasnt there...
I did this and you can walk all the way through both the trees! But don't get excited, it isn't a thing where if you go sideways you can walk through the whole region.
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You can surf in a tree at Pokestar Studios; the one at the rightmost and top a bit.