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Depends what you need them for, but:

Starmie - caught as Staryu at Route 13, Undella Town, Humilau City (need Water Stone to evolve)

Gothitelle - caught as Gothita at Route 5, 16, Strange House, or caught as Gothorita at Route 9, Strange House, or caught as Gothitelle at Route 9
- there's also a Gothorita event right now where you can get its Dream World ability, Shadow Tag

Espeon - caught as Eevee Castelia City Garden (go through sewers)

There's Bronzong too, but that only comes after you've beaten the game at the Abundant Shrine.

definetely starmie, espeon is better off as...well its actually quite good, but I like vaporeon or jolteon.
Imo Espeon is only worth it with Magic Bounce, but hey it's not that bad in-game with Synchronise.
I know you answered already marz, but I just wanted to answer too.
It's okay; I don't particularly like Swoobat so that's why I didn't suggest it. It's fine if you gave the OP a different option.
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I suggest a Swoobat!

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Well, the reason I recommend you a Swoobat is here. Swoobat provides a great and useful Flying Typing as a side. It can also learn Fly, meaning that you won't be taking up an extra Team Slot for another Flying Type. Swoobat has some phenomenal Speed Stat. Base 114. This can come in very handy to out speed dangerous opponents that could potentially sweep your team. It also has a decent Special Attack Stat, being 77 Base. This allows it to run one of my favourite In Game sets for it. I'll show you:

Ability: Unaware

  • Air Slash
  • Calm Mind
  • Psychic
  • Shadow Ball/Energy Ball

This is my favourite set for ingame, and with Swoobat's amazing Speed, you can successfully sweep your opponent. So hope you take this in.
Hope I helped and hope you take my suggestions into account!

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Sigilyph all the way. Like Swoobat it can learn fly, saving a teamslot. It's magic guard ability is brilliant and makes it very adaptable by negating indirect damage. It's also highly resistant to fighting and has decent defences, especially with cosmic power. It can also learn some decent moves and it's speed and sp.attack are excellent, outspeeding most things in game. Best of all, it ignores life orb recoil with magic guard, so if you get one it can make things go very well.
My one uses a modest (or timid) nature with psychic, fly, air slash and (move of your choice). It can also make great use of ice beam, which you get after after the E4, making it useful after beating them too.
It can be caught in the desert resort fairly early on, too, and magic guard is a regular ability, rather than a dream world one. Definitely recommend Sigilyph.

HP: 72
Attack: 58
Defence: 80
Sp. attack: 103
Speed: 97

They appear fairly often in the desert resort. The magic guard ones can be spotted as they take no sandstorm damage. Poisonig them won't reduce their health but will still make them easier to catch, another reason why I love that ability. Wonder skin is inferior, but workable. I'd get magic guard for the best results.

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