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Right now in black 2, I'm right before the opelucid gym, but my team has a huge weakness
The fighting type
My team right now is magmar, pawniard, samurott, sawsbuck and cincinno.
As you can see, nearly all of my Pokemon are weak to fighting, and I have nothing to counter them with.
My absolute biggest fear is Marshal. Even with a well balanced team, he was always hell for me in Black 1. I need a great counter to his fighting type team, but because his Pokemon know stone edge, flying types are pretty much out of question.

Psychic types

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Here are some nice suggestions

You can catch Altaria in the dark grass on Route 14, but your plan might backfire due to Altaria's dragon weakness.

You can also catch Drifblim on Route 14, which has nice offenses and a decent speed, but it's defenses are terrible

There's Gligar/Gliscor on Route 11, which is pretty decent ingame with its nice defenses

Golbat can be found in the Strange House by Reversal Mountain, plus it's really useful when it evolves into Crobat, with its amazing speed and dual fighting type resistances

Hope I helped!

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