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You need Fighting types for a lot of battles, and for those poor blokes who didn't choose Blaziken, they'll need a replacement. Which is the best one?

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What do you mean by best?
Best = Most Viable

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Followed by Heracross, and then Gallade.

Shroomish is found very early on, and evolves as soon as level 23 where it learns Mach Punch which helps offset its relative lack of speed. (Note that it's still fast enough for most of your opponents provided you are sufficiently levelled up). From there it learns Force Palm and Sky Uppercut, both excellent moves. It can also learn Spore/Stun Spore and False Swipe for late game legendary Pokémon catching. It's also useful for the HMs Cut and Strength.

If you're willing to wait till Safari Zone, then Heracross is another good alternative. It learns Brick Break naturally at level 28 and the super powerful Close Combat at 43. It's also useful for Strength and Rock Smash, should you need it.

Finally, you can also try out Gallade, but you'll need the TM for Brick Break or the move tutor for Drain Punch for it to be a potent fighting type sweeper. And also wait till you get a Dawn Stone. Personally, I prefer getting a Gardevoir over Gallade but if you're willing to try something new then this is a fine alternative.

What about Hariyama?
Hariyama is a solid option as well. It's a little on the slower side, but it still packs a punch and can tank hits like a beast. Evolves early, knows Vital Throw, and can learn Surf (!) aside from Rock Smash and Strength and I'd say it's the second best after Breloom, only because it's so slow and Breloom has solid utility. To be honest, it completely slipped from my mind, tysm for reminding me (:
How is Gallade in this answer when you're stuck with a Kirlia until after the last gym?
Because it's so cool. I did rank it last though, maybe some people are more patient than I am? Breloom is still the #1 pick.