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My team is:
1. Serperior
2. Unfezant
3. Golduck
4. Krookodile
5. Haxorus

Please tell me the best fighting type Pokemon for this...

The best fighting Pokemon in B2 is Heracross. Use that.
Heracross is really good but I'll add that if you want a fighting type early on Riolu is available in Floccesy Ranch and can evolve into Lucario pretty quick (I've had friends who've had it be the third or fourth gym) if you keep it happy.
I think Riolu is slightly worse because takes longer to learn strong moves like brick break, in addition to being weak before evolving.
I would assume you wouldn't want to use one of the Musketeers, right?

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Name: Heracross
Availability: Heracross can be found in Lostlorn Forest with a 5% chance [Black 2].
Stats: Heracross has a high Attack stat, which allows to tear teams apart; 85 Speed is good enough to outrun the majority of Pokemon. Its special bulk is decent enough to take advantage of, and the other stats are decent.
Typing: Offensively, STAB Bug/Fighting coverage hits a lot of relevant typings super effectively (Dark-, Psychic-, and Steel-types in particular). Defensively, the weaknesses to Fire, Flying, and Psychic trouble Heracross throughout the game.
Movepool: It gets Brick Break one level after you catch it, while Close Combat at Lv34 and Megahorn at Lv46 make up its best STAB coverage. TM-wise, Heracross only really would like Rock Slide, while Shadow Claw (or Night Slash from the relearner) can be useful for Ghost-types (and Psychic-types before Megahorn).
Major Battles: Heracross beats Clay easily. It can take on Marlon's Carracosta, as well as some of Drayden’s frailer Dragon-types due to its sheer power. Heracross can take on Ghetsis's Hydreigon and Colress' team with relative ease, as well as Kyurem. Heracross has an excellent showing during the Elite Four with it's combination of coverage and resists, beating Grimsley's whole crew (Watch out for Liepard) and most of Caitilin's crew, and can defeat Iris' Aggron and Lapras.

Some fighting Pokemon are definitely good but probably a little worse than Heracross. Scrafty has worse physical attack and speed, so it can't win battles quite as effortlessly. Lucario takes longer than Heracross to learn strong attacks, like brick break and close combat. Then there's the 3 Swords that are strong, but you can't catch them until pretty late.

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