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For those who don't know, in Black 2/White 2 you can get medals for defeating the Pokemon league using a specific type.

I have always wondered if a Meloetta with Relic Song (and uses it in battle) will qualify for the medal on a mono-Fighting team.


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I believe it doesn't count
This is because Meloetta's tranformation is another form, and occurs through a battle condition - the move Relic Song must be used in the battle, and the form only lasts for the duration of the battle at most. If these kinds of transformations counter Ditto could do everything. :3

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No cause she's normal psychic she won't.

Only if their type is fighting will they count

yes, but Meloetta after it uses Relic Song IS a Fighting type. Only her standard form is Normal/Psychic. Also "she" is genderless :P
I answered it correctly... Just saying. Cause I used meloette for my normal and psychic team. Just saying.
Meloetta  get a form change after Relic Song so it get's a fighting type. The question is wether this form's typing will still be counted for the monotype medal basically
yea the final answer was correct, but I tend to like a little explanation alongside the correct answer (and source if you can find one), which is why I gave the BA to KOD.