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2 part question:

Is there any fighting type Stealth Rock set up-er

Is there any fighting type that stops talonflame? (Only one I can think of is sawk with sturdy to stop Talonflame)


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There are 4 fighting Pokemon which learn Stealth Rock
Monfeno, Infernape, Cobalion and Terrakion

In regards to fighting type Pokemon which can beat Talonflame

  • Yes Sturdy Sawk is one
  • Terrakion can also do it, since it is only hit neutral by Brave Bird
    and resists Flare Blitz, allowing it to decimate Talonflame with
    Stone Edge
  • Defensive Cobalion can tank a Flare Blitz, and unninvested Stone Edge
    will clean OHKO
  • Defensive/Bulky Hitmontop with Intimidate can switch in on a Roost (not
    Swords Dance) or after a teammate has died, since it's ability
    Intimidate allows it to counter Non-Choice Band Talonflame and
    deal with it using Stone Edge (It can tank -1 Brave Bird).
  • If you have Stealth Rocks up, LO Adamant Extremespeed Lucario can
    outprioritise Talonflame and kill it (Deals 49-58% to 4/0 talonflame)

Not much else can, since they all risk getting killed. Everything gets killed by Brave Bird :I
You could try Focus Sash on any fighting Pokemon + stone edge, which would help take down Talonflame.

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Im trying to be a fighting type gym leader on fb and relized talonflame can kill my team.  :/

No legends allowed and infernape/monferno can only get stealth rocks in gen 4 :/
No it gets it as a Move Tutor move in Gen 5 as well (B2W2). Pokebank it over :P?

If no legends are allowed, then I would say your best bet is Lucario with Extremespeed, provided you can get Infernape with Stealth Rocks.
If not, then just go with Hitmontop but do note that Band Talonflame still destroys. The only hope you have is from recoil damage. :P. Or Sawk/ Focus Sash Pokemon
Kk thanks