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Tried with ditto, then some field poke's -but my eevee's male..
any way to get a 'her'??
for the stats: I've hatched around 9 eevee with ditto, all male babies though.
also tried to evolve some of those, and left'em w'ditto.. eevee'd still be male after hatch.

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Keep trying. The problem here is that it is VERY hard to get a female Eevee. You're not doing anything wrong, it's just how the game works. You've only hatched 9? Come back and see me after you've hatched 25.

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I got lucky with 1 female in the first 8 eevees I hatched. It's now an Umbreon.
is that so?? ' . '   Thanks i'll keep adding then
i have hatched whole boxes and only gotten 3 or 4
Female eevees are rare bacause the gender ratio is 75.5% male and 12.5% female. (Just wanted to add)
i got lucky in my SS game when i went on an Eevee breeding spree. got a female on the 1st or second egg. complete and total luck. she is now an Espeon, lvl 30. don't give up! keep trying 'till you get one! the road may seem long, but i promise that one day, you WILL get a female Eevee!
Well... I'm just trying to caught it =D (That Female Eevee in that W2)... =3
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If you have finished the game stop hatching eggs. You should hunt down a male jigglypuff. Then go to the area where you find eevee and catch a female.

The reason I choose this is because jigglypuff has the ability cute charm and what cute charm does is make a 66.7 percent the opposite gender Pokemon will appear regardless of previous gender ratios.

Where jigglypuff is found: Route 1, 2, Dreamyard.

Where eevee is found: Casteilia city