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I get a female one in my SS game. My sister wants a female Eevee also in her SS (note: my sister didn't reach Goldenrod, so she can't get one by herself). I breed my Eevee, but it ended up with a male Eevee hatched from the egg (the female Eevee ratio is 12,5%).

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No, the Eevee you get from Bill will always have the same old 87.5% chance of being male.

And breeding does not affect the gender either.

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Thanks! But why did my Eevee (now Umbreon) was female? I think I'm lucky at all. And the ratio for female is 12,5%....... not 87,5%. 87,5 is for the male. Look at this http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/eevee
I edited the answer to fix. Only 1 in 8 Eevees will be female, if you got one then you got lucky.
Thank you!
i got a male one! but i lost heartgold(and he evolved into umbreon)