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Air balloon can negate spikes and toxic spikes, but can any item negate or at least power down stealth rock? I doubt it (I would have heard something about it by now I guess), but what the hell? Anyone here seen anything that could weaken stealth rock?


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Nope, nothing powers down Stealth Rock except by spinning it away. Why do you think people rage about SR sometimes?

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Oh, i thought people raged because they didn't like the name. seriously. no sarcasm. really. and i had a suspicion that gamefreak logic would make a charti berry power stealth rock down on pokemon which took 25-50% damage from it for some reason. something about SR's damage being calculated by resistances and weaknesses. but someone probably already tried that.
If there was such an item, Volcarona would be Uber status. Lol at the top BTW xD