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In d/p/pt, in Jubilife City there is a person asking about groups. I created one just for the fun of it. What is the actual purpose though besides being annoyed by the tv talking about your group and its possible favorite type?

EDIT: I suppose I should clarify/ add this ------

How does a group form or how does one go about finding and joining one?

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Well, there isn't one really. Mainly for fun and to brag about being a strong battling group. Sort of Pokemon social status. It never took of and stopped it in the following games. As well as to been shown on TV.

So to sum up. No, it's just for fun.

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Just to be a part of a good group really, nothing apart from that. Just fun. You get the feeling or team work and have fun as a group. And what's more, you can get better at battling by learning from tor friends.

And you become FAMOUS! :D

Basically we posted the same thing ;} I didn't say you copyed but that yeah :D
Yup. And I didn't copy. I was searching around the Internet to see if Groups has any other uses.