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So I know a few of them, but some of them I can't recognise from face alone.

Are some of them new characters with no connection to other games?

Laventon is probably Hop and Leon, but I'm not sure

Can anyone identify and fill in the blanks for me, please?

Kamado = Rowan
Cyllene = Cyrus
Laventon = ??
Mai = Marley
Lian = Clay
Iscan = ??
Arezu = Mars

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This vid from Bird Keeper Toby references those already descended from in Legends Arceus as well as "Raihan" and "Mars/Silver".

Also, in an older vid, he refences Laventon as being a descendant of "Hop".
Its supposed to be old Sinnoh.. So I guess it would be Sinnoh
I don't think this answers the question...
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Laventon is probably a unique character, but you could argue he's an ancestor of Professor Rowan due to both being the Professor of Sinnoh. Cheren, Hop, or Leon are other possibilities.

Iscan seems like another unique character, but you could say he's the ancestor of Nessa due to the similair hair and skin color, as well as the affiliation with Water types.

A little bit of Trivia about Arezu: The name is derived from the Greek God of War, Ares, whose Roman counterpart is Mars.

This pretty clearly points towards Arezu being the ancestor of Mars.

Of course, this is all just speculation and we likely will never get a definite answer.


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In Abdallah smash 026's vid analysis, he said that iscan is related to Marlin. Except, he says it for the same reason you said in your answer.
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laventon maybe the ancestor of rowan as he is reffored as proffecer and the others we don't really have a lot of info about them.As Duskreon said it may be them as well it is just not out yet so we don't know a lot about it once the game is released we will know who they are.

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