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Hi friends

I have recently been attempting the void glitch for Arceus in Pokemon diamond.
I have gotten to 222 steps on the 2015 west part and it crashes. Foes anyone know why I am getting this problem.

P.s. I have been to pal park, defeated elite four and have beaten my rival (barry)

Thanks in advance

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Do you have a link to the guide you're using? The 'Retire method' used to reach Arecus is still quite new, and better routes are being discovered often.
This is why I got an action replay.
@falsebeganguy most people dont like hacking, ya know.

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If your game freezes at the 222 mark during the 2015 west part, it means you haven't used the Explorers Kit before; in that area, the game makes you go through the Underground, but since you haven't done it yet, it tries to load the tutorial, but crashes because it can't since you're in the void. To fix it, get use the Explorers Kit, go though the tutorial, and it should fix it.

Source: Personal experience and numerous tutorials on YouTube.

If this doesn't work(or you've already done the Explorers Kit and this is still happening, then idk what's going wrong. You may have to start over a new file or something.

Hope this helped you! I've done the void glitch lots of times and I never had this problem cuz I've already used the Explorers Kit before hand(and cuz YouTube tells you that you need to use it). Hope your problem is resolved! :)

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Either your game cartridge is a little messed up (Diamond is an older Pokémon game, after all) or your Guide had you do a previously wrong move.

My best advice is just don’t do the void glitch, it’s not worth it. Void Arceus, Shaymin and Darkrai can’t transfer past Gen 5.