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Everytime I try for an arceus, my game crashes. It seems to be near the Pokemon league areas. I have already beaten the Pokemon league and have been to the underground so I have no idea why the game crashes.

The question literally says he/she/they/it already went underground.
May be slightly related to the fact that you're using a hacking device to subvert the programming in order to access an inaccessible area...  *shrug*

On a more serious note, you should probably double check your method, and make sure you're doing all the naughty things correctly.  Even a small difference can have wild results.
He's not hacking you can enter the void/ catch Hall of Origin Arceus with glitches.

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There are a couple reasons why this could be happening.

  • You could be using an emulator. This glitch is very specific to the original Pokemon DPPt code. The tweaking glitch could not be "supported" on practically any emulator because of ever so slight changes in code.
  • if you are not using an emulator, you are probably not following the method exactly the right way. Don't save in places you shouldn't, and keep track of your steps via the Poke Etch.
  • This glitch is unbelievably wishy-washy and sometimes things work and sometimes they don't. I don't know for sure if you are supposed to go through a void Pokemon League location, but please watch this video. if you need to watch the previous video in the series. Please be careful with this glitch it is ridiculouslt difficult and can softlock your game.
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