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You read the title, read this! So you know the void glitch in Diamond Pearl and Platinum where you can get a Shaymin and Darkrai with just a bike and a surf Pokemon? It only works if the game is Japanese. So I was wondering if I can reset my save file, make the game Japanese language, and use the glitch like that. So can you do that?

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You can't choose a language in the game like you can in newer games, the language is locked to the cartridge.
It seems like you cannot pull this off. By "Japanese game", you mean the same game only "from" Japan, not just the language.

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No, this version of the glitch can only be done in copies of the game that were sold in Japan. Also, you can't change the game's language prior to gen 6.

But you can still do a different version of the glitch in all copies of Diamond and Pearl (not Platinum). It's a bit more difficult, because there is no surfable door, but you can still use it to get legit Shaymin and Darkrai.

And hopefully soon it will become easier, because after all this time there was a new discovery about this glitch back in January, which also lets you catch legit Arceus (which was previously thought to be impossible) and will hopefully allow for you to get the others easier as well, and possibly in Platinum, once more research is done.

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