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Not talking about Pokemon nicknames. I'm talking about the trainer's nickname given at the beginning of the game.

Getting real tired of being called "Big C" by everyone...

99% sure no, but there is always that 1%
probably not, but I don't know. I solved this prob by having my "nickname" being the exact same as my trainer name.
@Meloetta: Same here.

"Nice Miles!
I mean, Miles!"

@Meloetta: Ya, Me Too
Big C
Big D.

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You only can if you change it at the first start of the game to anything you like if you press to name yourself but thats it. Once you beat the game you dont talk to your in game friends except your rival.

Actually, Trevor is in Geosenge Town, Tierno is in Courmaine City, and Shauna stays in front of your house.
Shauna is a stalker o-o