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I think this is pretty stupid, Would it cause any actual problems or damge to the game? Or is it what the guy in castelia city said, "Because the name contains wishes of the person who named it!"?

DO NOTE: I am not asking this as an opinion, i ask it literally, if there's a reason it is this way.


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there is no reason why it would damage the games, its just purely about respecting the trainer that you got it froms wishes,as pokemon is a game that support good over evil

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How is renaming a pokemon evil!?!
respect wishes!?
Are you 100% there is not reason? because these are pathetic!
I think it's about the other trainers feelings,it's more like in th anime really.
also,is my answer pathetic or the reasons?
The reasons.
It is basically what the person in castelia said.they want to repext the trainers wishes since it used to be there pokemon
It might also be just in case you cheat like if you had an ev trained chandelure & nick named it something so you could recognise it, then the person you traded it to calls it Chandelure like the game would, traded you a pathetic chandelure, it would be very annoying.