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there's a Toucannon in my party called "Stephen" and I want to remove his nickname how I can do this?


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If the Toucanon has someone else's OT, you can not nickname or remove a nickname from it, but, if it is yours, go to Heahea City, go to the 3rd building left from the Pokemon Center, and talk to the old dude. He will say your Pokemon has a good nickname but you can nickname it better. Press yes and nickname it whatever you want.

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You didn't really say how to remove the name. To do that, delete all letters and hit enter or, name the Pokémon the name of it's species (Like naming Toucanon, Toucanon. Just don't evolve this Pokémon... I don't think it's like that). You should also start your answer with, "If you're not the OT of the Pokémon you're trying to nickname". OT means Original Trainer. Also "can not" should be "cannot". The rest of your answer is fine though. You should also make it clear that the old dude is inside the building or even give a link to a video. Aren't I nice?
@Azelfeo, waht ur saying is still changing it. You can only change nickneams, not delete them.
@Octazooka - Okay.