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I don’t like to give Pokémon nicknames and there’s no way to get Persian other than trades. Any help?

Persian isn't a trade evolution nor version-exclusive, so I don't think you have a problem at all.
I mean that the only way to get Persian is through trade and the traded meowth is nicknamed
What's stopping you from catching a Meowth, evolving it at level 28 and nicknaming it?
I don’t like nicknames on my pokemons
Oh wait, I forgot about Perrserker. Scratch that, sorry.
You could try breeding it. Haven’t tried it in SwSh, but in SM/USUM, breeding a Kantonian variant of a Pokémon while holding an Everstone will give you the Kantonian form instead of the Alolan one. I’d assume the same applies in SwSh.

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There are a few ways to get a Persian without nicknaming it:

1) Evolve a Meowth. You may have to take measures if you want a specific Meowth form (Kantonian, Alolan, or Galarian). It evolves at level 28.

2) Trade for it. You can request a Meowth or Persian that hasn't been nicknamed. In fact, if you want to trade for one, just let me know. I never nickname my Pokémon.

3) If you already have a Meowth or Persian with a nickname, breeding it will give you a new Meowth without a nickname that you can evolve into Persian.

It's important to note which era of games you're trying to get it in. A Kantonian Persian is hard to obtain in Alola, and the same is true of Kantonian and Alolan Persians in Galar. Speaking of, if you want it in Sw/Sh, I'm unable to trade it to you since I haven't got a copy of the Nintendo Switch just yet. But I'm willing to trade for one in Kalos, ORAS, or Alola.