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Soul Silver, not white2 fyi. Dear Mew stop assuming EVERYONE plays that. Also, do not reccomend any other Pokemon. Which of these has a better movepool? I don't freaking care about natures evs stats and crap. Thanks! :D

burn to Mew
Ha, not Mewderator. Mew is the God, not darn Arceus who magically came out three entire generations after Mew -_-
Dear Mew...? :3

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My personal favorite is Clefable.
It undoubtedly has the best movepool.
Persian is the fastest, Zangoose is the strongest, and Clefable is more balanced defensively. Clefable's ability allows it to do awesome stuff. With magic guard, it is unaffected by a burn, poison, leech seed, weather, recoil, and other stuff.

Clefable can spam all kinds of crap that would otherwise get you killed.
Here's an attacking set:
IPunchStuff (Clefable) @ Life Orb

-Fire Punch
-Ice Punch
-Thunder Punch
-Double Edge

You take no recoil from Double edge or the life orb, which is nice. Then you get awesome coverage on everything else. Here's a special attacking set:
IkillStuff (Clefable) @ Life Orb

-Ice Beam
-Hyper Voice

Kind of the special version.
What I really like about Clefable is you can really make it your own. If you want different coverage, you can give it Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Psychic, Signal beam, SolarBeam, among other things. It also has access to annoying Toxic, Thunderwave, and can be good support with Wish and Aromatherapy.

Clefable, FTW.

Nice answer (I love the pics :D) +1
Funny names i started cracking up at first
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Technician: Limber works well too...

Move #1 Night Slash
Move #2 Fake Out
Move #3 Aerial Ace
Move #4 Spite