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I'm thinking of a team for Black 2 and I need someone to deal with Psychic types.I was going to use Zangoose and give him X-Scissor but then I thought of Absol who has Psychic immunity if I use Zangoose I can fall back on my Heracross. (Who is weak to Psychic types)

And I could use some movesets for the rest of my Pokemon

and Zangoose or Absol
(This is for in game)


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I would say Absol as it does not need a status to hit hard unlike Zangoose who only has its full potential with a burn or poison which is not what you want for in game. It has a base 130 ATK stat which is crazy good.

Absol has some nice coverage and a nice ATK and will counter that Psychic weakness nicely. It also covers your lack of Ghost coverage which you do not currently cover.

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Thanks and I didn't realize I had no one for ghost types.
Poptarts are also Crazy Good o3o
And Zangoose really is a nice option as well, as I finished my White 1's second run through the Elite Four with a Level 76 Zangoose.
zangoose is good it's my 3rd boss pokemon in black & white