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I'm going to double-hunt for a shiny terrakion, and I'm going to get a false swipe zangoose for that. But I do not know the right nature to give it. So I'd like to know.
please and thanks.


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Personally I would use a false swiping haxorus, but since this is your game well do it your way. Zangoose is very frail, and won't be taking to many hits. It's fast, but not as fast as terrakion. It's attack is good.i would advise that you train zangoose, because he needs to be quite a few levels higher than terrakion if you want to pull this off. For natures, jolly or naive is preferable, as they both boost speed at the cost of special attack and special defense respectively. Zangoose will only be using physical attacks, so he does not mind the special attack drop, and terrakion only carries physical attacks, so zangoose won't mind the special defense drop.

Summary: With either a jolly or naive nature, zangoose will be able to outspeed terrakion and false swipe away, but I warn unless zangoose is at a very high level it will likely faint in the process. Good luck to you.

Nicely written out. I'll keep mine there because it offers a different idea.
It's a very good answer. Both are viable.
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Adamant nature is the best nature to have for him. +Attack - Special Attack.

Allrighty, so the reason I say Adamant is because Terrakion is rock type. So False Swipe as a normal move will be "Not Very Effective". So you're going to want a boosted attack. To deal with the speed issue Brotad pointed out, you can start with a Pokemon that knows Thunder Wave, to paralyze Terrakion. This makes him slower and easier to catch.

I would also suggest weakening him a fair amount before using Zangoose so that you don't spend a massive amount of time False Swiping to lower HP.

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Since False Swipe is a physical move, it would probably be best to give it an attack-boosting nature. But then again, I'm not the expert on natures, so I don't really know...