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With his new ability, poison Rampage, his physical attacks get stronger when poisoned. So What if I did the following:

-Boosted attack power with Swords Dance
-Poisoned him either with a pokemon, (I could use a toxic orb, but that wastes an item slot)
-Gave him a life orb

Then use facade....

So the set would be:

Facade-Powered by all of this.

Swords dance-boosts up his stats

Night Slash-deals with Ghost types who try to get immunity to facade.

Close Combat/Aerial Ace-Close Combat deals with steel and rock types who dare to resist normal attacks, or normal to cover his fighting weakness. Any other suggestions? I plan on using him in double battles, so my partner can poison him.

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Poor poor Zangoose. With this moveset he will faint so quickly. Great moveset! Although this would work best in double-battle where you can poison him. Hopefull yyou can use Poisonpowder or the like so that he won't take a ton of damage. No problems here. EV train in ATtack, HP, and Speed, giving it an Adament nature.

That's the idea. Toxic poison would kill him in a heartbeat. I also plan on having a pokemon with the healing attack that lets you restore your partner's health. I can't remember what it's called.
Yep, nothing else I can say. The moves and item are perfect. The EVs and nature I gave are all the help I can give.
A pokemon with trick might help. find a pokemon who can learn trick that is immune to poison if possible, and switch like this Zanggose>toxic orb-< pecha berry ? trading a peca berry would help if you need you cure yourself. just a suggestion. not a great one