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Here's the situation: I'm in a room in Mystifying Forest. There is a Stunky near Kecleon's shop. It has Aftermath, and, as some of you may know, Aftermath lets the Pokemon have a chance to explode and destroy items and Walls in the Mystery Dungeon series. Say Stunky blows up a Pack of Iron Thorns. Then what happens? Those things are like level 70 and they're what you'd call EOD/EOT ubers, I've seen them inflict over 400 damage on me.


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Nothing, it just gets destroyed.


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You're sure?
Well when a aftermath pokemon blew up near kelceon shop on mine, nothing really happended. I just went through the dungeon. Unless my game glitched up then im pretty sure.
Ok Thanks. What about an Explosion/Selfdestruct Trap? Will it do the same?
I activated one of those, and Kecleon didn't freak...It might be different if you actually used Self Destruct or Explosion, though.
Lmfao "...Kecleon didn't freak..." xD
kk, Thanks.